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GamesPad Takes GameFi To The Next Level and Here Is Why

GamesPad is positioned to rule 2022. As the world’s first holistic gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem, it’s taking the GameFi industry to new heights.

Following the popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi), there has been a significant rise in the production and interest in NFTs. To the surprise of many crypto enthusiasts, non-fungible tokens have taken the spotlight in the last year and still remain on the front burner today, with the highest volume in sales occurring in early 2022. While 2021 has been referred to as the year of NFTs, GameFi has surpassed DeFi in terms of popularity among users.

According to DappRadar, “about 50% of all active crypto wallets connected to decentralized applications in November 2021 were for playing games.” Showing just how NFT and play-to-earn games have skyrocketed, kicking off a GameFi craze that is here to stay throughout 2022.

As the entire gaming industry undergoes a new wave overhaul, forward-thinking game developers have started recognizing that building strong communities around their projects is now critical to market success. Many see the need to transform their games from ordinary products to service-based platforms where players can have social interaction, entertainment, and monetization opportunities all in one place.

With the advent of blockchain gaming launchpads, game developers can now run capital-raising campaigns, build communities using blockchain technology, and get end-to-end support for developing sustainable strategies and launching more potentially successful projects.

Let’s dig in to find out how the next-gen crypto launchpads are shifting the goalposts and taking the GameFi industry to the next level.

What is GameFi?

The term “GameFi” is a mashup of two words: game and finance. It can also be an amalgam of ‘gaming’ and ‘decentralized finance.’ In brief, it is a general concept where blockchain projects allow users to monetize the gameplay. The key points are as follows: the user completes in-game tasks and receives tokens that can be further converted into real-world currencies.

GameFi projects are launched on blockchain distributed ledgers, meaning all objects received by players become their sole property. It is worth noting that GameFi neither applies nor is it the same thing as gambling. Projects within this sector of the crypto world suggest that the player has a strategy for generating income. Unlike in an online or real casino, luck is far not the only factor in GameFi.

All blockchain games have one thing in common: the character avatars, territories, weapons, and other in-game items are NFTs. Thus, it allows players to create truly-unique characters and trade them on special marketplaces. In some games, you can also earn money by betting and fighting other characters.

However, the earning opportunity is just one of the benefits of GameFi. Since all game assets are stored on the blockchain, the GameFi industry creates a system for cross-game transfer. This means some rare in-game resources can only be accessed by a limited number of players, thus preserving their utility and value. For example, the popular video game Fortnite always remains fresh with frequent updates and in-game items featuring different degrees of rarity. Some of the Fortnite skins are only available to one-third of all players.

Another universal benefit of GameFi games is that most of them were designed with the general population of gaming enthusiasts in mind, not for professional gamers who participate in various world championships. In other words, most of these games do not employ complex mechanics that require a lot of time and effort to master. Instead, they focus more on timing and strategy and are usually relatively easy (and fun!) to play.

What are blockchain gaming launchpads?

With the rapid explosion of blockchain gaming technology, new projects are flooding the market, making gaming launchpads an even more important and exciting topic. Blockchain gaming launchpads are platforms for launching new tokens, game-related blockchain projects, and raising liquidity.

Crypto gaming launchpads meet the industry’s need to identify potentially promising projects in their early stages. Doing this allows potential investors to participate in the project’s presale rounds. These platforms put startups through a thorough vetting process to help filter out the ones with potential from those that are futureless, protecting investors.

The next-gen blockchain gaming launchpads provide a secure and hassle-free way for GameFi startups to launch and include all the necessary grounds to raise funds, make connections with industry experts, and build a strong community.

How GamesPad is revolutionizing GameFi with its new self-regulation policy

Cutting-edge projects like GamesPad help gaming, NFT and metaverse startups break new ground and reach new heights. As an industry trendsetter, GamesPad pursues a mission to support and incubate game entrepreneurs through its comprehensive ecosystem, offering them mentorship, advisory, and network connections in the gaming and crypto space.

GamesPad has always made it a high priority to practice thoughtful due diligence on all projects launching on the platform. This foundational structure of the company has made it possible to create and implement new policies for the continued success of GamesPad. Committed to protecting the interests of its community, the company has recently released new IDO regulations to establish new industry standards and higher accountability in the IDO space.

“Committed to protecting users and prioritizing the safety of their investments from day one, GamesPad is introducing new self-regulation policies that will create all the favorable conditions for a successful IDO launch on our platform, as well as secure investments for all users.” – Constantin Kogan, Co-Founder GamesPad.

“We have seen too many projects taking advantage of retail investors so these new regulations are to protect those investors and hold projects accountable. We are in the process of creating an alliance of top launchpads to make these rules and more into industry standards” – Eran Elhanani, Co-Founder of GamesPad.

Advising crypto gaming startups on public relations and marketing, technology, launch, and business strategies, the team of top professionals behind GamesPad provides everything GameFi entrepreneurs need to launch successfully. The project also allows retail buyers to become early investors in GameFi projects that passed through rigorous due diligence. Thus, it fosters the further development of GameFi and propels high-quality blockchain games to popularity and adoption.



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