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UK adapts smart glasses to healthcare system

In what can be seen as the first of many positive steps for modern patient care, U.K. hospitals have equipped community nurses with smart goggles so they can see more patients at a given time.

This cutting-edge trial was funded by U.K.’s National Health Service on Saturday.

The Smart Goggles Approach Will Depend on the Patient’s Consent – NHS

While the technology will widen patient care and save time, many patients believe that it will remove a sense of personal touch by nurses – a critical part of care.

To that, the Health Service has said that the virtual reality-style headset will only come into play with the patient’s consent.

The Goggles will Reduce Time-Consuming Administrative Tasks – NHS

The smart goggles are geared towards making the hospital ecosystem more productive by transcribing the details of the appointment directly in the records. There are also other functionalities provided by this new tech that allows staff to:

  1. Share the live footage of the patients directly with the colleagues to get a second opinion
  2. Removing the need for hospital admissions and appointments, and
  3. Using thermal vision to assess the patient’s injuries.

Dr. Tim Ferris, NHS Director for transformation, excitedly puts it, “Some of the best innovations from local solutions and so through this project, NHS staff can test what works for them and what provides the best possible care for the patients.”

The crypto experts have noted that this development can bring more cases for the metaverse cryptos as well.

Adding further that the presence of smart tools will allow the staff more on patient care, Dr. Ferris said, “These new smart glasses are the latest pioneering tech and really show us what the future of the NHS could look like – they are a win-win for staff and patients alike, freeing up time-consuming administration work for nurses.”

High time expenditure on administrative tasks has been a major pain point in the medical industry. According to the National Library of Medicineadministrative work takes up 18% of the time for U.S. physicians.

In U.K.’s case, this condition is even more abysmal. That is, the U.K. medical staff spends half the time focused on manually inputting patient data and filling out data forms.

Smart Goggles are Part of NHS’s long-term Plan to introduce more Innovations to the medical sector

These smart goggles are just the beginning of a plan that was first formulated earlier this year. The plan consists of 16 pilot projects, and more of them will be revealed in the coming months.

Other innovations include giving smartwatches to Parkinson’s patients that will help doctors to assess their conditions.

More Focus on Patients and Less on Administrative Tasks – Beck Birchall

Becky Birchall is a Clinical Nurse specialist and is among the first team to try out the smart goggles. And she had nothing but words of inspiration regarding this project.

“We’re so excited to be the first NFT team in England to try the smart glasses out and can’t wait to take them out to on our community visits to see our patients.”

Reminiscing about the considerable amount of time they spend on writing, she continued, “These cutting-edge goggles will really help cut down time we need to keep for admin, supporting us to care for our patients.”

Health Industry is Spearheading the Metaverse1

The presence of VR glasses and Augmented Reality devices in the medical industry can be benefitted much more through metaverse integration. And according to the report by the Metaverse healthcare market, the Metaverse-Healthcare market size will hit 72 billion USD by the end of 2030. NHS has started to lead the charge in that direction, and it will be a sight to see where we go from here.


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