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Apple Co-Founder : ‘I Think Bitcoin Is Going To $100,000’

Technology mogul and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has stated that he believes bitcoin is en route to hitting the much-coveted $100,000 price point.

Speaking on the ‘Steve-O’s Wild Ride!- Podcast’  ‘Woz’ as he prefers to be called, expressed awe at how successful Bitcoin, and by large cryptocurrencies had become, asserting that it could be the future of finance.

“I can’t put any mathematics to it, I just feel that the interest in crypto is so high and so I put a bunch of money into an online wallet account Coinbase and pretty much, it’s sitting right there,” he said.

The computer software ‘geek’ further disclosed that although his intention has always been to experiment with Bitcoin, his initial crypto investment had made him colossal returns, the more reason he believes Bitcoin’s price could inch higher.

“I wanted to experiment and learn it all, then bitcoin went way up. I got scared and I sold all my Bitcoin except one bitcoin,’’ Wozniak continued.

My life’s purpose is to have enough to play with, experiment with but not to make money on-and two times it’s gone way up and made me money and just recently I think Bitcoin is gonna go to 100,000.”

This, however, has not been the engineer’s first encounter with crypto. In the interview, Wozniak disclosed having worked with a company that had ventured into crypto during the pioneer years of the crypto industry, at one time even contemplating launching a coin named ‘WOZX’.

His experience working with such a company had thus increased his interest in digital assets, setting him out on his first venture with Bitcoin.

I bought a bunch of Bitcoins as a start-to say how do you play with this new thing? how do you buy something online, and I conquered that.’’ He continued.

Wozniak however dismissed claims that Bitcoin posed a huge threat to the environment through high energy consumption. To him, it was preposterous to blame Bitcoin for environmental woes, while the world continues to deploy even more dangerous activities including combustion engines on airplanes and vehicles.

He noted that Bitcoin was just a lesser evil among the list of threats to the environment and the best way to address its carbon footprint was to reduce other activities that posed a similar threat to the environment.

“The only way to solve this climate problem is to take our lives way back down in the economy,” he concluded. “So I don’t buy a lot into people thinking, let’s do this one little step, you know, buy an electric car or get a solar panel that it makes any difference at all-it can actually go the opposite way.” 



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