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ANEO.IO, The NFT Project Changing the Face of DeFi Gaming

The decentralized web3 world is moving forward and disrupting traditional industries of all natures at an insane pace. This rising popularity of NFTs can be attributed to the exciting new ways they can take industries forward, and NFT based P2E gaming is one of the most exciting use cases for the technology.. Needless to say, gaming has always been a favorite pastime for many. During the pandemic-imposed lockdown, this popularity only multiplied.  The prime factor contributing to this growth is the introduction of play-to-earn. With P2E, people can not only kill the boredom through exciting games but also earn digital currencies that can be converted to real-world money.

ANEO.IO is a new inclusion in the DeFi online gaming space. It’s an innovative NFT project the first ani-mech, play-to-earn online game based on the Solana platform. Solana is a public blockchain platform that has a smart contract facility, supporting builders around the world in creating crypto apps. ANEO is a highly developed mobile gaming app that will be launched under AmigoChat Ltd., a mobile app development company.

ANEO introduces a collection of 7,777 genesis robots dominating the Solana ecosystem. This play-to-earn gaming platform will allow players to earn currency in the form of $ANEO. This unique NFT artwork project has already onboarded a celebrity as an ambassador. The name has not been revealed yet but the celebrity will be seen conducting exciting AMA sessions on the ANEO discord server. The Discord for ANEO has already been locked at 5k.

The competitive P2E mobile gaming platform has earned more than 33K followers on its Twitter account (  and the number is only rising. Besides social media, ANEO has also started gaining recognition among serious Solana DAOs and influencers. The team working behind this competitive metaverse project comprises NFT experts and seasoned entrepreneurs.

The ANEO.IO team also boasts notable industry figures such as Chief Marketing Officer – Enrico, a former e-sports champion gamer ( ), and Chief Strategy Officer – Kook Capital LLC, Crypto Social Media Influencer and Strategic Consultant ( ).

Apart from presenting a 3D generative NFT collection of ani-robots, ANEO is also focused on building a genuine and supportive community of users or players. The players can represent themselves as 3D avatars on the platform to engage in 1 to 1 fights and earn tokens. There will be tournaments, in-person events, and various other ways that will enable players to upgrade their ani-robots. Players can also hang out in the community enjoying free voice and text chats.

Scaling up a project, and ensuring best-in-class smart contract technology was not easy for the team working behind ANEO. To present smart contract development of the highest quality, they had to search for top Solana developers who are hard to discover. The team overcame this challenge to bring a whole new experience in 3D competitive mobile gaming based on the play-to-earn concept.

The next big move for the ANEO team will be to use the amount earned by minting the FT project to fund the first-generation game production. This will introduce a single-player game to start with and more exciting features will be added going forward. Through all these developments, ANEO is trying to bring a Mortal Kombat experience on the virtual platform for millions of gaming enthusiasts.

The humanized hybrid 3D mecha-robots in ANEO will change the way of online 3D gaming, as they’re good for both collecting and playing combat games. Besides being extremely unique in colors and features, ANEO robots will make the platform increasingly immersive for players through rewardable tokens and advanced monetization models.



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