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HIVE Blockchain Technologies 报告第一季度亏损 9530 万美元。

2017 年 9 月 5 日,星期二,100 美元钞票在日本东京被安排拍照。随着日元走强,日本股市下跌,而投资者为飓风艾尔玛可能对佛罗里达州造成的经济损失做好准备,并考虑美国总统唐纳德特朗普最近对朝鲜的评论。 摄影师:Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg

该公司的营运资金在本季度也减少了 1.124 亿美元,因为该公司将这一减少归因于“本季度出售数字货币以资助扩张以及对收盘 HODL 的盯市调整——一种加密货币投资策略个人长期购买和持有资产——持有的数字货币的余额(数字货币的重估)。”

然而,HIVE 还公布季度收入为 4420 万美元,与上一财年同期相比增长 13%。

该公司表示:“我们本季度实现了 2700 万美元的强劲采矿毛利,比上一季度的 2290 万美元增长了 18%。” “这一财政成就是由我们的全球比特币和以太坊采矿业务推动的,在此期间经历了显着的哈希率增长。”

自称是“基于每 Exahash 开采的数字资产(通常以报告的哈希率的每 Exahash 开采的比特币数量来衡量)的最有效的加密矿工”,HIVE 报告称其采矿利润率从上一季度的 42% 增加到 61本季度百分比。

“HIVE has been able to consistently mine with strong profit margins during periods of market volatility, as a result of being globally diversified and enjoying low power costs in Sweden and Quebec, and higher profit margins from the Ethereum mining business,” HIVE said.

HIVE Mined 1,338 Bitcoin and 7,675 Ethereum
The company mined 1,338 Bitcoin equivalent, including 821 green and clean Bitcoin, as well as 7,675 green and clean Ethereum. HIVE said that its overall production of digital currencies increased by 7% QoQ and comprised 4% more Bitcoin produced and 20% more Ethereum produced.

Talking about the positives on the balance sheet, Frank Holmes, HIVE’s executive chairman, said, “We wish to again thank our loyal shareholders for believing in our vision to mine both Ethereum and Bitcoin to generate robust cash flow returns on invested capital and we believe our results continue to validate the significant contribution to our strategy to mine both BTC and ETH and HODL as many coins as possible.”

The company also pointed out that its Bitcoin production of 821 Bitcoin this quarter represents an increase of 265% YoY, as the company produced 225 Bitcoin for the period ending June 30,  2021. “This large increase in the quantity of Bitcoin production stands even as network difficulty has effectively doubled during this one-year period,” HIVE said. 

“It was an extremely challenging quarter for the global digital asset ecosystem, where we saw the capitulation of Bitcoin and Ethereum prices not seen since 2020,” Holmes said. “On a relative basis, we are very pleased with our company’s performance amongst our peers in the digital asset industry.”

On the Flipside
Holmes urged investors to focus on HIVE’s operating earnings from the company’s data centers, which generate digital assets, because as a result of recent changes to IFRS reporting rules, the quarterly mark-to-market fluctuations in the value of HIVE’s investment portfolio in digital assets must be reflected on the company’s income statement each quarter. HIVE said that it is dedicated to navigating this crypto storm for its shareholders.

Why You Should Care
HIVE attributed its loss of $95.3m to depreciation, unrealized valuation losses on digital currencies and investments, and impairment charges on equipment and equipment deposits, which in turn were all affected by lower Bitcoin and Ethereum prices seen in June and July 2022.



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